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After a 5 year absence, Richie’s back in the studio working on his second record, THREE RIVERS .  This CD is an eclectic combination of jazz, funk, gospel and R&B and boasts some exciting special guests, including the incomparable Chris Botti.  Silky vocal stylist Sy Smith lends her talents along with some of Richie’s Chris […]

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Doug Simpson of AUDIOPHILE AUDITION Writes

AUDIOPHILE AUDITION by Doug Simpson Richie Goods proves he understands first generation fusion, knows what works best, and brings it all together on his debut as a recording leader, Live at the Zinc Bar. Goods does not try to reinvent old school 1970s-era fusion, nor does he slavishly copy what has come previously. Instead, the ensemble […]

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KAREN DUGAN a Richie Goods Fan (Richie Goods) is non-stop with that bass.  His flow, his determination, his body movements, his facial expressions…he is a whole package of funky fusion bass playing and I fell in love with his sound and energy.  Richie Goods & Nuclear Fusion: Live at The Zinc Bar!!… It is gorgeous […]

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Russ Davis of JazzTimes writes

JazzTimes by Russ Davis “At times I felt like I was hearing what Jimi Hendrix might be doing were he alive today. Other times I felt I was hearing what Return To Forever in their classic quartet configuration might sound like if Stanley Clarke were the leader. The crowd, and I, loved it…”

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